Flying Wishes

She gave the most wonderful gifts.

One year I received a package of note paper made out of elephant poop. Another Christmas or birthday, I received a book of Italian poetry; other gifts included a beautiful mother of pearl clam shell, small enough to fit into the palm of my hand, and when I opened it, a tiny pewter pin of a bear holding a heart was inside.

Yes, she was a gift giver, taking a tremendous amount of joy in the process of choosing unique and meaningful treasures. To see another’s eyes light up or to answer their question of “Where ever did you find this?! It’s magical!”, made the giving a complete gift for herself.

I am sure that’s where I developed the desire, almost a need, to elicit feelings of happiness or joy in another; sometimes with a gift, but often by showing care by taking time to listen, cooking a meal or completing a task that someone couldn’t bear to do…

A material gift giving is still one of my favourite acts to enjoy though. I think perhaps it is because oftentimes, people don’t recognize a loving act such as helping to plant a garden or pampering someone who is worn out or making a favourite meal as a ‘real’ gift. To me…those are the real ones.

But, as I said, when you give a material gift, one that has had some thought put into it..and then to have the reaction you were hoping and waiting and wishing for…well, that is truly extraordinary.

Today I found another gift she had given me.

It’s called Flying Wish Paper, ‘a whimsical kit to make wishes come true’….

You are to write your special wish on the special wish paper, then light it with a special wish match, then watch as it flies away, and ‘Magically lifts off the platform and into the heavens!’.

Fifty sheets come in a package.

I have used two of them in 10 years.

Today will make three.

I wish…you were here.

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