I don’t like talking about myself much. I like writing about what I perceive in my mind’s eye rather than discussing any attributes or faults I may or may not have. This possibly is the reason I have stayed in the same career for over 30 years. Who wants to sit down for an interview and talk about themselves? Not I. However, I recognize that anyone reading this could have a certain curiosity, weak as it may be, to know one or two details of this life of mine.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, in the sixties to The Smiths. Jim and Mary. When they went on vacations they would be met with knowing smiles and more than a few winks as they checked in to motels. As I found out sooner rather than later, the last name Smith was used as a pseudonym for ‘We’re going to have Sex’ by thousands, if not millions of couples, young and old, who did not want their real name used for the simple reason that they were either having an extra marital affair or were screwing each other before saying ‘I do’. I have often thought about what name my father chose to use when he had various affairs. Brown maybe? Or, the more likely opinion would be that he used his charisma to get invited back to the apartment of choice. In any case, I was growing in the womb as this took place and thankfully have no recollection of them separating when I was two years old.

I have 4 ‘children’ who lead far more interesting lives than I presently do, but who really haven’t any idea who I was before they came into my world and made me settle into the magnificence of becoming a mother.

When I am not traveling for work, I sometimes paint. I write. I feed wild birds and squirrels. I empathize too much. I cook-I don’t bake. I find irony and humour even in the darkest moments.

That’s a little bit about me- or a part of me..a tiny skeleton or framework. More of a doodle than anything. There is a great deal that is missing of course, and so I started a blog-just to write about how wonderfully extraordinary my complicated yet ordinary life has been. Had this been an interview, I undoubtedly would not have been hired…