First day of Spring

It’s overcast today. It’s the kind of day that comes before the earth has thawed but after most of the snow has gone; the kind of day where the wind is so still you can almost hear the river rising, pushing against its’ banks almost a mile away. I don’t mind these kind of days once in a while; although sombre, they are a reminder that while we can’t always see blue skies or feel the suns’ warmth on our back, those days will come.

If you listen very closely you can hear the buds emerging, cautiously peeking out from under their protective winter cloaks. If they’d listen I could tell them to wait-we will have another snow or two yet. But like all of us who have been stuck inside for months, their anticipation of Springs’ arrival is evident….which may be why I just saw a person in shorts and a tank top jogging down the pathway behind our house. It’s 8 degrees Celsius. Happy first day of Spring!

3 thoughts on “First day of Spring

  1. Happy first day of spring to you too. I love spring, seeing the buds come out, the early flowers pushing through the earth, the iris peeking out, saying Here I Am. Pretty soon the tulips and daffodils will follow. I love Spring, thanks for reminding me. Love you 😍

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