Dislikes vs Likes

Was feeling a little discombobulated and wrote out some dislikes I have. Then, I thought to write out some ‘likes’ that I have. It was a happy realization that I thought I’d share-there are far more things that make me happy than anything else…because even if you are feeling 😡 or 😭, when you focus on what makes you 🤪☺️💕 then things always look brighter.

List of dislikes @55yrs old

-People who don’t focus on another person when they are talking


-long toe nails

-pee or skid marks on toilet seats

-cleaning sink or shower drains

-remarks that clearly aren’t necessary


-trips to the dentist

-regular liars

-time watchers and controllers

-mumblers (what?!)

-judgers (effedty eff eff to them)

-yelling or super loud noises when I first wake up

-over cooked, boiled brussel sprouts or asparagus…or maybe anything over cooked (sorry Mom)


-missed opportunities

-waiting for bad news

-socks with loose tops

-skin that doesn’t un-wrinkle no matter how much lotion you put on

-unfulfilled expectations

-tight underwear

-cow corn (if you don’t know what this is then you clearly have not eaten a lot of corn in your life…)

-seeing someone spit (bonus when someone clears their nose into their throat before hand..)

-my veiny legs (have had them for 40 years…a tan can’t cover those up!)

-impatience ( ugh!)


-long goodbyes


-hostility and/or resentment

-angry drivers

-stale tortilla chips (what a disappointment..)

List of likes @55yrs old

-people who sing joyfully out of tune and don’t care

-crisp, clean bed sheets

-peaches and cream corn

-cinnamon hearts

-pretty underwear that fits

-daily quiet time

-water ( to drink, bathe, swim in or just see)

-the sound of trees rustling in a warm breeze

-watching wild birds feeding their babies

-having no time clock

-fulfilled expectations

-people who own up to mistakes or lies


-properly fitting socks

-waiting for good news

-a calm, unhurried morning routine

-clean toilet seats



-compliments that are totally unexpected

-other people cleaning the sink or shower drain

-ceasars ( w/an olive and lots of ice!)

-music (almost any kind)


-people who focus on other people when they are speaking

-sharing a knowing glance

-stuffing, mashed rutabaga and gravy on a toasted Kaiser bun

-my faith

-acceptance of another’s flaws

-crab w/butter

-true love

-baby carrots fresh from the garden

-feeling cared about

-planning and nurturing gardens

-beer ( yes, I said that twice…)

-bright white, globs of clouds against a brilliant blue sky

-old, worn t-shirts that carry memories

-pico de gallo (with fresh tortilla chips!)

-crazy, hysterical laughing with my brother

-flowers that smell heavenly

-bubbles that float on a breeze

-learning something new


-frog catching ( and releasing)

-uncomplicated get togethers where laughter is the primary objective

-comfortable deck shoes

-being a spectator of someone else’s happiness

-questions that are asked because they really care about your answers

-freshly cut grass

-walking by the water and investigating

-completing a painting or poem or chapter

-stuffed animals who have been through it all..

-cat love

-simple fishing, with a worm on a hook, on a lake with a view ( and a snack).

-successes of my family

-heated car seats

-real hugs

-reading a great book

-making a meal that gets rave reviews

-over sized sweatshirts

-lemonade from Walt Disney World

-conversations that are enlightening

-conversations that are hilarious

-truly making someone smile or laugh

-picking raspberries and eating them right there and then

-the smell of a BBQ…in particular, charcoal

-washing my face with Noxema

-giving a gift to someone and having them love it

-mini golf

-rainbow windmills (it’s a 70’s thing)

-being wise but keeping my mouth shut


-saying what you want without pushback

-mimosas on a vacation morning

-satisfaction from cleaning out a cupboard

-closing the book on bad vibes

-realizing that I am enough

-fun. Any kind. Just…fun.

4 thoughts on “Dislikes vs Likes

  1. Lemonade from Walt Disney World…makes me honk there’s a story there somewhere. What is it about that particular lemonade that you like so much? Is it the sweetness? The tartness? Or something else? The service – or perhaps the magic of the place itself?


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