Just bee

He went to bed inside of a spent clematis flower with the morning sun to keep him warm. If you aren’t familiar with what this particular clematis looks like after it’s deep purple blooms have finished their show-think creamy white, pillowy soft and very fluffy. The perfect vessel for a baby bumblebee just learning the ropes. I expect we all could imagine ourselves finding an incredibly comfortable, perfectly sized feather bed, and even though we were supposed to be working…we thought since everything had been rather exhausting lately…a few moments of blissful shut eye on a chilly Sunday morning wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I watched this tiny, fuzzy creature circle round and round, much like a dog does before settling into a particularly cozy bed. It was as if he were arranging the blankets, mumbling to himself about the poor house keeping. Once settled, he instantly fell asleep and while I did not hear miniature bee-buzz snoring, I felt almost envious of his position; softly snuggled into his outdoor bed, smelling the crisp end of summer air tinged with the soft perfume of an early Autumn…

I was there when he woke; not like I was some sort of doting mother who watches her child sleep for hours on end, smiling at every stirring moment. No, I was there because he only slept for 15 minutes or so and I hadn’t yet finished my tea…

Now with his nap complete, he buzzed off! But not before he did a long stretch or two and then, after a quick lick of his legs, off he went.

We are all so busy,

Busy as bees.

But even they Will stop,

If just for a moment,

To embrace that

They are here.

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