Wise words

Wise words I heard from my mom:

#1. Always put cream on your elbows. Men don’t like women who have wrinkly elbows.

#2. Never say ‘Me and so and so’. It’s ‘So and so and I’. Even if you’re with your friends! Don’t let them think for a second that you cannot speak the way you have been taught.

#3. Comedians who use foul language are ingrates. They have never and will never understand real humour.

#4. If you don’t want to go, don’t. Never let someone make you do something you really don’t want to do.

#5. Sing. Every day. If you can’t, listen to music. You will always find joy in it.

#6. Paint. Draw. Create. If it doesn’t come out the way you want it to- you can always change it. Often, it’s for the better.

#7. Take care of yourself. Nobody else will. No matter what, everyone is their own keeper with God as their guardian. Be aware.

#8. If you spend 10 minutes picking acorns in one day of your life, that 10 minutes will bring you years of joy when you are sitting thinking about the past.

#9. Never yell at anyone in the morning. Never allow anyone to yell at you in the morning. The morning is for quiet, peaceful moments where your soul wakes up to the day.

#10. Be grateful…for even the very smallest of things. Be grateful for a smell that reminds you of comfort and home and love. Be grateful for your eyes to see the words on a page or a vast blue sky and your ears to hear even the smallest whisper of the pines. Be grateful for laughter and moments that make you pee. Be grateful for God.

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