All the Little Things


It’s all the little things I miss
Smells, like home
wet mittens on the ground
A soft, fleeting kiss
Baths and books
on our hardwood floor
I miss all of this.

Teaching when I didn’t know I was
Learning when I didn’t think
I could know more
Faces so full of joy
that my cheeks hurt from smiling
Drinking in that wonder.
I miss all of this.

Soup for breakfast
Sick days when I thought
I’d pass out
From caring so much…
Shared crackers in bed;
laundry piled at the foot
I do miss that all.

Playing pretend
Puzzles and stuffed friends
Walks and talks
If i knew then
This wouldn’t last
I would have held on
So much tighter…

Little hands grow
No longer waiting
To be held.
Chubby cheeks, missing teeth
long gone
Rushing out the door
Forgetting goodbyes
I love yous.

Moving away
Bedroom, now a museum
Frozen moments of time
Deafening silence.
Pieces of your precious life
Sitting on a dresser.

If I could sit
With you
For a day.
If I could hold you
As a child
For as long as I could
…I would today.
And always.
I miss all of that.


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