Just Wondering…

Just wondering……

Do you ever…

  • Purposefully sing out of tune to see how it sounds? Like, really loud so that your vocal chords hurt?
  • Think what you would do if you heard over the radio that the world was going to end in 5 minutes and quickly text your kids and spouse and friends and family saying how much you love them only to get the response ‘You okay’?
  • Wake up at 2:00am and decide you could run a marathon-then go back to sleep and wake at 7:00 feeling like you did actually run a marathon?
  • Listen to the lyrics to a song and think that you could have written something much better-but then try to and it reads like a 5 year olds musings?
  • Tell yourself that you will do your own 30 day challenge and it lasts for a few hours once you recognize that 24 hours is a really long time?
  • Walk through the grocery store ‘tut tutting’ about the price of all the veg and fruits and then go buy yourself a case of beer and order a pizza?
  • Decide to have an ‘out loud’ conversation with yourself (like in the movie Cast Away) and actually figure some heavy shit out?
  • Make an appointment and decide you really don’t want to go and so you make up an elaborate excuse, stress and push down that anxiety for hours-finally making the call to tell the receptionist the longest story ever only to have her say “Okay”?
  • Lick the salt off of the cracker tops before you eat them? And when you go to a restaurant and order soup and the crackers come an’ you silently feel that you’ve been cheated out of your favourite thing to do because you can’t possibly do this in public and you wished that you were at home in your jammies on the couch enjoying canned soup and licking crackers?
  • Throw out over ripe avocados and tell yourself you will never, EVER buy another avocado again…but then ‘healthy you’ shows up the following week and buys 3?

I cant imagine doing any of this….😉

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